Maria Bueno

Born 11/10/1939
Wimbledon 1959,1960,1964
US Open 1959,1963,1964,1966

Maria Bueno was a graceful player with a variety of strokes and seemed to have more than her fair share of long epic Grand Slam matches. At the French in 1958 Bueno lost in the semis to Shirley Bloomer. At Wimbledon 1959 Bueno beat Darlene Hard in the final to win her first Grand Slam title. At the US Bueno beat veteran Louise Brough, Hard and Christine Truman to win her first US title. At the French in 1960 Bueno lost in the semis to Hard. At Wimbledon she beat Angela Mortimer, Truman and Sandra Reynolds to retain her title. At the US she lost a tough final to Hard. At Wimbledon 1962 she lost in the semis to Vera Puzejova-Sukova. At the US she lost a tough semi to Margaret Smith. At the US in 1963 Bueno beat Ann Haydon in an epic semi final and Smith in the final. At the French in 1964 Bueno beat Lesley Turner before losing to Smith in the final. She beat Smith in the final of Wimbledon in an epic match. Bueno then won her third U. S. Open title over Carol Graebner. At the Australian in 1965 Bueno lost in the final to Smith. She lost an epic semi to Turner at the French. At Wimbledon she beat Billie-Jean Moffitt in the semis before losing to Smith in the final. Bueno overcame Graebner in an epic US quarter final but lost in the semis to Moffitt. Bueno lost in the semis of the French in 1966 to Haydon-Jones. At Wimbledon she won an epic semi with Haydon-Jones before losing in three sets to Moffitt-King in the final. Bueno beat Nancy Richey in the final of the 1966 US to win her last Grand Slam title. By the time open tennis arrived Bueno's best days were behind her and injuries were getting the better of her. Her last good run in a Grand Slam was at the US in 1968, where she beat Smith-Court in the quarters before losing in the semis to Moffitt-King.