Roy Emerson


Born: 3/11/1936

Australian Open 1961,1963,1964,1965,1966,1967

French Open 1963,1967

Wimbledon 1964,1965

US Open 1961,1964

Roy Emerson was a champion sprinter for his State and was lightningly fast around the tennis court. He had a good all round game, was particularly strong off the return and liked to get to the net at every opportunity. For thirty-three years he sat at the top of the Grand Slam men's singles titles leaderboard. Emerson made his Grand Slam debut at the Australian Open in 1954, where he lost to George Worthington in round one. At Wimbledon 1959 Emerson beat 4th seed Bobby Wilson in the quarters before losing to Alex Olmedo in straight sets in the semis. In the semis of the 1960 Australian Open Emerson lost to Rod Laver in five sets. In the final of the 1961 Australian Laver made so many errors against Emerson that people questioned that he was 100 per cent fit. Emersonís accurate returns broke up Laverís game. Emerson won in four sets to take his first Grand Slam title. At the US Open Emerson won a marathon semi final against Rafael Osuna 9-7 in the fifth set before beating Laver in straight sets in the final. At the 1962 Australian Emerson beat John Newcombe in four sets in the quarters and Neale Fraser in straight sets in the semis before losing to Laver in four sets in the final. At the French Open Emerson beat Manolo Santana in five sets in the semis before blowing a two sets to love lead against Laver in the final. At the US Open Emerson beat Chuck McKinley in four sets in the semis before losing to Laver in four sets in the final. In the 1963 Australian Emerson outclassed Ken Fletcher in the final. At the French he beat Pierre Darmon in four sets in the final. Emerson did not drop a set in the 1964 Australian, beating Tony Roche in the quarters and Marty Mulligan in the semis before thrashing a woefully out of form Fred Stolle in the final. At Wimbledon he beat Stolle in four sets in the final. At the US Open Stolle was again his victim in the final, this time in straight sets. In the 1965 Australian Stolle faced Emerson in the final again. Stolle led 9-7,6-2,3-1 but tightened up and Emerson, seeing his opponent become tentative, gained heart and took the next three sets 6-4,7-5,6-1. At the French he lost to Roche in four sets in the semis. At Wimbledon Emerson beat Stolle in straight sets in the final. At the 1966 Australian Emerson fought his way back from two sets to one and a break down in the fourth set to beat Bill Bowrey in the quarters. He beat Newcombe in the semis in four sets and in the final he outhit Arthur Ashe in four sets. At Wimbledon Emerson collided with the umpireís chair while chasing a shot in the quarters against Owen Davidson. He was hampered for the rest of the match and went on to lose. At the US Open he suffered a rare loss to Stolle in straight sets in the semis. In the semis of the 1967 Australian Emerson took over four hours to subdue Roche 6-2 in the fifth set. In the final Ashe served three consecutive double faults at 4-4 in the first set to drop serve and after dropping the set 6-4 conceded the second set 6-1 and third 6-4 to give Emerson a record sixth Australian Open title. Emerson took his twelfth and last Grand Slam title at the French, beating Roche in four sets in the final. Emerson turned pro at the end of the year but a few months later open tennis came in, which meant he only missed one Grand Slam event (the 1968 Australian). As Open tennis came in Emersonís career began to decline. He played his final Grand Slam event at the US Open in 1972 and it was ironic that Stolle gained a rare victory over him. Emerson's record of 12 Grand Slam titles was surpassed by Pete Sampras at Wimbledon 2000. Earlier in the tournament Emerson had been in attendance at the Champions Parade.


HEAD TO HEAD Win-Loss: J.Asboth 0-1, A.Ashe 4-2, B.Bowrey 3-0, A.Cooper 0-1, J.Drobny 1-0, N.Fraser 1-1, A.Gimeno 1-0, P.Gonzales 0-1, L.Hoad 0-2, R.Laver 2-7, C.McKinley 2-0, J.Newcombe 3-1, A.Olmedo 1-2, M.Orantes 1-0, R.Osuna 1-0, N.Pietrangeli 1-1, T.Roche 4-1, K.Rosewall 0-1, M.Santana 1-1, V.Seixas 0-1, S.Smith 2-2, F.Stolle 7-2

Roy Emerson's Grand Slam record