John Bromwich


Born: 14/11/1918 Died: 21/10/1999

Australian Open 1939,1946

John Bromwich was very unorthodox. He hit his forehand left handed with a double handed backhand and served right handed. Bromwich showed the full range of emotions on court, ranging from agony, disgust and disbelief to self-loathing. Bromwich was a perfectionist who set himself high standards and was disgusted when he did not attain those standards. He was just 17 when he reached the quarters of the 1936 Australian Open where he lost to Adrian Quist. At the same event the following year Bromwich beat Jack Crawford in the semis before losing to Viv McGrath in the final. In 1938 he beat Gottfried von Cramm in the semis before losing to Don Budge in the final. In the 1939 Australian Bromwich didn't drop a set on his way to the final, where met Quist. The match was played in windy conditions. Bromwich was far more able to deal with the wind while Quist was going for winners that were landing out. Bromwich won in straight sets to take his first Grand Slam title. Defending his title the following year, Bromwich surprisingly lost in the semis to the veteran Crawford in straight sets. During the Second World War, Bromwich served in the Australian Army and contracted malaria in the tropics. In the 1946 Australian, Bromwich made it through to the final where he met Dinny Pails. After five gruelling sets Bromwich emerged victorious to take his second Grand Slam title. Defending his title the following year, Bromwich met Pails again in the final. At 6-5 in the fifth set Bromwich had championship point but Pails saved it with an ace and went on to win the set 8-6. In the 1948 Australian Open Bromwich lost in the final to Quist in five sets. At Wimbledon he had three match points when serving for the championship at 5-3 in the fifth set against Bob Falkenburg. Falkenburg saved them all and Bromwich cracked as Falkenburg took the set 7-5 and the title. Bromwich lost in the final of the 1949 Australian to Frank Sedgman. In 1951 Bromwich went into semi-retirement. In 1954 he was still good enough to make it to the semis of the Australian, though by then he was spending much of his time running his newsagents business. He died in 1999 aged 80.


HEAD TO HEAD Win-Loss: J.Asboth 1-0, D.Budge 0-1, J.Crawford 1-1, J.Drobny 0-1, B.Falkenburg 1-1, J.Hunt 1-0, A.Larsen 0-1, V.McGrath 1-1, G.Moon 1-1, D.Pails 2-1, F.Parker 1-1, B.Patty 1-1, A.Quist 1-2, D.Savitt 0-2, F.Sedgman 1-2, V.Seixas 0-1, T.Trabert 2-0, G.Von Cramm 1-0

John Bromwich's Grand Slam record