J. Rene Lacoste


Born: 2/7/1904 Died: 12/10/1996

French Open 1925,1927,1929

Wimbledon 1925,1928

US Open 1926,1927

Rene Lacoste was the youngest of the French quartet called the 'four Musketeers'. Lacoste was a master tactician who kept a notebook with opponents' strengths and weaknesses in it. Tilden said Lacoste was the most uninspiring player he ever faced. Lacoste rarely showed emotion and constantly frustrated opponents by getting the ball back. He made his debut at Wimbledon in 1922, losing in round one to Pat O' Hara Wood. At Wimbledon 1924 Lacoste lost in the final in five sets to Jean Borotra. At the French in 1925 Lacoste beat Borotra in the final in straight sets to take the title. At Wimbledon Lacoste beat Borotra in four sets in the final. At the 1926 French Open Lacoste beat Borotra in four sets in the semis before losing in straight sets in the final to Henri Cochet. At the US Open he came from two sets to love down to beat Cochet in the semis before demolishing Borotra in the final. At the 1927 French Open Lacoste overcame Bill Tilden in the final in a titanic match 11-9 in the fifth set. At the US Open Lacoste beat Johnston in four sets in the semis and Tilden in straight sets in the final to retain his title. At the 1928 French Open Lacoste lost in four sets to Cochet in the final. At Wimbledon Lacoste beat Tilden from two sets to one down in the semis before a four set triumph over Cochet in the final. At the 1929 French Open Lacoste beat Tilden in four sets in the semis and Borotra 8-6 in the fifth set in the final to take his seventh and last Grand Slam title. Ill health then forced Lacoste into retirement. He attempted a comeback at the 1932 French Open but lost in the fourth round and his career ended. Like Fred Perry, Lacoste then set up his own sportswear company using his crocodile nickname as the logo on his shirts. Lacoste was in the crowd when France won the Davis Cup in 1991 (the first time France had won it since 1932) and said it was one of the greatest moments of his life. He was the last of the Musketeers to die (in 1996 aged 92).


HEAD TO HEAD Win-Loss: J.Anderson 1-0, J.Borotra 5-2, H.Cochet 2-2, J.Crawford 1-0, J.Hawkes 2-0, B.Johnston 1-2, P.O' Hara Wood 0-1, B.Tilden 4-0, D.Williams 2-0, S.Wood 2-0

J. Rene Lacoste's Grand Slam record