Arthur Gore


Born: 2/1/1868 Died: 1/12/1928

Wimbledon 1901,1908,1909

Arthur Gore was the oldest man ever to win a Grand Slam title. Famed for his unorthodox flat-hit forehand and large military style moustache, Gore's career spanned 5 decades. He made his Grand Slam debut at Wimbledon 1888, where he lost his opening match to W.C.Taylor. Ten years later Gore made the semis for the first time, where he lost to Harold Mahony. In 1899 he beat Mahony in the semis and Sidney Smith in the All Comers final. He led two sets to love in the Challenge Round against Reggie Doherty before Doherty fought his way back to win in five sets. In 1900 he beat Laurie Doherty in the semis before losing in the All Comers Final to Smith. Later in the year Gore travelled to America and was part of the British team in the inaugural Davis Cup tie. While in America he entered the US Championships and made the semi finals. At Wimbledon 1901 Gore beat Reggie Doherty in the Challenge Round in four sets to take his first Grand Slam title. In 1902 he lost in the Challenge Round to Laurie Doherty. In 1905 he lost in the semis to Norman Brookes. The following year he beat Anthony Wilding in the semis before losing in the All Comers Final to Frank Riseley. In 1907 he lost in the All Comers Final to Norman Brookes. Brookes did not defend in 1908 and Gore beat Herbert Roper Barrett in the All Comers Final in five sets to take his second title. Defending his title the following year in the Challenge Round, Gore went two sets to love down against Major Ritchie but fought his way back to win in five sets to claim his third Wimbledon title at the age of 41. He is the only man to win Grand Slam titles after his 40th birthday. In 1910 Gore lost his title in the Challenge Round to Anthony Wilding in four sets. In 1912 Gore made it through to the Challenge Round but once again found Wilding too strong. In 1914 he lost in the quarters to Brookes. By now in his fifties, Gore returned to Wimbledon in 1919 and lost in the opening round. He won a match in 1920 before losing to Jacques Brugnon in the second round. He made his last appearance in the singles two years later but continued playing in the doubles until 1927. He died the following year at the age of 60.


HEAD TO HEAD Win-Loss: N.Brookes 0-3, O.Campbell 1-0, L.Doherty 1-1, R.Doherty 1-1, W.Hamilton 0-1, A.Kingscote 1-0, H.Mahony 1-3, H.Ward 1-0, A.Wilding 2-2, B.Wright 1-0

Arthur Gore's Grand Slam record