Andy Roddick


Born: 30/8/1982

US Open 2003

Andy Roddick was all set to go to college in 1999. His coach persuaded him to pursue a tennis career instead. Six months later he was the number one junior in the world. He first made his mark on the senior tour in 2001. At the US Open Roddick made the quarters where he faced Hewitt. He lost his cool over an overrule in the final game which was a contributory factor to his defeat, but his game had many weaknesses and he was not yet ready to win a Grand Slam title. At the 2002 US Open veteran Pete Sampras gave him a tennis lesson in the quarterfinals, making Roddick look like a public parks player! At the 2003 Australian Open Roddick won an epic quarter final against Younes El Aynaoui. 21-19 in the fifth set but lost easily in the semis to Rainer Schuttler. After a first round defeat at the French Open, Roddick sacked his coach since childhood, Tarik Benhabiles and replaced him with Brad Gilbert, former top 5 player and ex-coach of Andre Agassi. Within weeks, Roddick was looking like a vastly improved player. His hyperactive on court theatrics had gone, to be replaced by steely determination. In the semis at Wimbledon he was outclassed by the sublime Roger Federer in straight sets. At the US Open Roddick faced former Wimbledon finalist David Nalbandian in the semis. Nalbandian won the first two sets and had match point in the third set tiebreak but Roddick hung on to win the third set. Then Nalbandian became weary and Roddick took the fourth and fifth sets to win. In the final he beat Juan Carlos Ferrero in straight sets to take his first Grand Slam title. Roddick reached the 2004 Wimbledon final, where he faced Roger Federer. Roddick lost in four sets. In the 2005 Wimbledon final he once again lost to Federer, this time in straight sets. Then Roddick's form dipped as he struggled to remain in the top 10. After losing at Wimbledon 2006 to Andy Murray, Roddick took on tennis legend Jimmy Connors as his coach. In no time at all Roddick was back to his best. He reached the final of the US Open and tried hard against Federer, but Federer won in four sets. Federer beat him in the semis of the 2007 Australian Open. Then Roddick's form dipped and he parted company with Connors in 2008. Federer beat Roddick again in the semis of the 2009 Australian Open. The reason Roddick struggled so much against Federer was because Federer was able to anticipate where Roddick was going to hit the ball. Although Roddick had a faster serve than Sampras, Sampras was a greater server because no one had a clue where his serve was going. Roddick continued to look for ways to improve his game and hired a new coach, Larry Stefanki, who told him to shed a few pounds. Roddick did this and he continued to work hard off court. He showed that he was still a force to be reckoned with at Wimbledon 2009, where he beat Andy Murray in the semis. However, he lost to his nemesis Federer in the final after a fifth set of epic proportions. The following year at Wimbledon Roddick lost an epic fourth round match to Y-H Lu. Roddick retired after the 2012 US Open.


HEAD TO HEAD Win-Loss: M.Chang 1-0, M.Cilic 0-1, A.Costa 0-1, J.Del Potro 0-1, N.Djokovic 1-1, R.Federer 0-8, J.C.Ferrero 1-0, L.Hewitt 2-4, G.Ivanisevic 0-1, T.Johansson 3-0, A.Murray 1-1, R.Nadal 1-1, M.Safin 1-1, P.Sampras 0-1, S.Wawrinka 0-1

Andy Roddick's Grand Slam record